Red Sailfish (fireboat)

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The Red Sailfish was the world's most powerful fireboat when she was commissioned in 2019.[1][2] She is operated by Singapore, which commissioned two other large fireboats, the Red Manta and Red Dolphin, when she commissioned the Red Sailfish.[3][4]

She can project 53,000 imperial gallons per minute.[3][4] Her superstructure is pressurized, for protection against chemical, biological or radiological threats. She has decontamination showers, and an infirmary, for rescuing injured individuals. She has a stern launching ramp for a rescue boat. She is also equipped with a unique navigational aid - an autopilot designed to keep the vessel on station, when the thrust from her water cannons is pushing her off position. Her maximum speed is 20 knots. She is capable of "dynamic positioning".[1]

Red Sailfish and Red Manta represented the Singapore Civil Defence Force, with 11 other vessels, from other agencies, in a ceremonial sailpast, celebrating Singapore's National Day, on August 3, 2020.[5] It was the first sailpast in 20 years.

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