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Panton Principles for open data in scienceSpelling variant of the full title of the Panton Principles. [e]

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Parent topics

  • Scientific method [r]: The concept of systematic inquiry based on hypotheses and their testing in light of empirical evidence. [e]
  • Science [r]: The organized body of knowledge based on non–trivial refutable concepts that can be verified or rejected on the base of observation and experimentation [e]
  • Science 2.0 [r]: An umbrella term used to label the use of Web 2.0 tools for scientific purposes. [e]
  • Research [r]: The process of systematic inquiry and traceable vindication within a logically organized system of knowledge. [e]
  • Data (general) [r]: "Pieces of information", especially numbers or quantities [e]
  • Open data [r]: Data that are publicly available for use, reuse and redistribution, typically for free via the World Wide Web. [e]


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