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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Norm (mathematics).
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  • Banach space [r]: A vector space endowed with a norm that is complete. [e]
  • Bounded set [r]: A set for which there is a constant C such that the norm of all elements in the set is less than C. [e]
  • Closed set [r]: In geometry and topology, a set that contains its boundary; the complement of an open set. [e]
  • Holomorphic function [r]: Function from to is called holomorphic in domain if for every open domain there exist derivative . [e]
  • Inner product [r]: A bilinear or sesquilinear form on a vector space generalising the dot product in Euclidean spaces. [e]
  • Metric space [r]: Any topological space which has a metric defined on it. [e]
  • Normed space [r]: A vector space that is endowed with a norm. [e]
  • Number theory [r]: The study of integers and relations between them. [e]