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Categories of microcredit

(Dr Yunus's categorisation[1] of arrangements commonly referred to as microcredit)

A) Traditional informal microcredit (such as, moneylender's credit, pawn shops, loans from friends and relatives, consumer credit in informal market, etc.)
B) Microcredit based on traditional informal groups (such as, tontin, su su, ROSCA, etc.)
C) Activity-based microcredit through conventional or specialised banks (such as, agricultural credit, livestock credit, fisheries credit, handloom credit, etc.)
D) Rural credit through specialised banks.
E) Cooperative microcredit (cooperative credit, credit union, savings and loan associations, savings banks, etc.)
F) Consumer microcredit.
G) Bank-NGO partnership based microcredit.
H) Grameen type microcredit or Grameen credit.
I) Other types of NGO microcredit.
J) Other types of non-NGO non-collateralized microcredit.