Long An Province

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Long An Province is a major area in the Mekong Delta] of Vietnam, southwest of Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City. Tan An is its capital. Also to its northeast is Tay Ninh Province, while its southwest neighbors are Dong Thap and Tien Giang Provinces. It also shares an international border with Cambodia.

National Highways 1 and 50 run through it.

Economic development

The area has 20 industrial parks in development, with both highway and water transportation. Tax incentives are available to investors.[1]

U.S. Ambassador Michael Marine visited in 2006, seeing theDong Tam Ceramic Factory, a medium-sized enterprise "he commended for establishing its brand and serving as a model for domestic growth." In discussions elsewhere in Vietnam, he encouraged the Vietnamese energy industry and supported World Trade Organization membership. [2]

To support offshore oil drilling, PetroVietnam is building a port and petroleum depots in the province. Investment will be 1 trillion dong (USD $60 million ), the port will be able to handle tankers up to 50,000 deadweight tons. These facilities will be in Can Giuoc district.[3]


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