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A list of some works of L. J. Hanifan.

The following are all of the currently-known publications of L. J. Hanifan:

  • Hanifan, L. J. (1912). "The Rural School and Rural Life." West Virginia School Journal 4: 204-7.
  • Hanifan, L. J., Ed. (1913). District Supervision: West Virginia and Oregon as Examples. National Society for the Study of Education, Twelfth Yearbook. Chicago, University of Chicago Press.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1913). A Handbook Containing Suggestions and Programs for Community Social Gatherings at Rural School Houses Charleston, WV, State Department of Education.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1913). A Supplement to the State Manual of the Elementary Course of Study. Charleston, WV, Department of Free Schools.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1914). Facts and Fallacies About Consolidation of Schools in West Virginia. Charleston, WV, Department of Free Schools: 16.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1914). "Social Centers and Rural Schools." Atlantic Educational Journal 10: 62-65.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1916). Evening Classes for West Virginia Elementary Schools. Charleston, WV, Department of Free Schools.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1916). "The Rural School Community Center." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 67: 130-138.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1920). The Community Center. Boston, Silver, Burdett & Company.
  • Hanifan, L. J. (1920). The Difficulties of Consolidation. The Consolidated Rural School. L. W. Rapeer. New York, Charles Scribner's Sons: 475-496.