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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Kiichi Hiranuma.
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Parent topics

  • World War Two in the Pacific [r]: The part of World War II (1937-45) fought in Asia and the Pacific Ocean between Japan and the U.S., China, Britain, Australia, and other Allies. [e]
  • Fascism [r]: Political ideology of the far right that seeks national unity through patriotism, collectivism, subservience of the individual and opposition to liberalism. [e]


  • Kokuhonsha [r]: A Japanese secret and extreme nationalist society of the 1920s and 1930s, of generally fascist ideology [e]
  • Prime Minister of Japan [r]: Head of government of Japan; not an immensely powerful executive, influenced by the monarchy prior to 1945, and subsequently by the complex coalitions of Japanese top-level decisionmaking [e]
  • Privy Council (Japan) [r]: A senior advisory body to the Emperor of Japan, 1889-1945; originally roughly coequal to the Cabinet and Diet but declined in influence [e]
  • Organ theory of government [r]: A fundamental question that arose in Japanese governance, while the Emperor was an active head of state, about whether the abstract state was supreme and the Emperor was an "organ" of it, or if the Emperor was not merely the symbol of kokutai and a godlike leader [e]

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