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Filmography of Johnny Crawford.


Year Film Role Production Company Other notes
1954 Jesse James vs. The Daltons Tommy Hollister Esskay Pictures Corporation – originally distributed by Columbia Pictures uncredited
1956 The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit Italian boy with groceries Twentieth Century Fox uncredited
1957 Courage Of Black Beauty Bobby Adams Edward L. Alperson Pictures – originally distributed by Twentieth Century Fox
1965 Indian Paint Nishko Eagle American and Tejas – originally distributed by Crown International Pictures and Planet Film Productions
Village Of The Giants Horsey Berkely Productions, Embassy Pictures Corporation and Joseph E. Levine Productions – originally distributed by Embassy Pictures Corporation
The Restless Ones’’ David Winton World Wide Pictures
1966 El Dorado Luke McDonald Paramountl Pictures and Laurel Pictures
1970 The Resurrection Of Broncho Billy Broncho Billy John Longenecker AA, Super Crew Pictures and University Of Southern California – originally distributed by Universal Pictures
1973 The Naked Ape Lee Playboy Enterprises and Universal Pictures – originally distributed by Universal Pictures and Murakami-Wolf Productions (animation)
1974 Sonic Boom unknown unknown Comedy short
The Inbreaker Chris MacRea Elliott – originally distributed by Bellevue Film Distribution
1976 The Great Texas Dynamite Chase Slim Yasni Talking Pictures – originally distributed by New World Pictures
The Shootist J.B. Books' victim in flashback Dino De Laurentis Company – originally distributed by Paramount Pictures (theatrical) and CBS Television (TV) uncredited
1981 Macbeth Seyton unknown Video
1989 Bloodhound Of Broadway Musician American Playhouse Theatrical Films – originally distributed by Columbia Pictures (theatrical) and Public Broadcasting Service (TV - 1990) uncredited
1999 The Thirteenth Floor Singer Centropolis Film Productions – originally distributed by Columbia Oictures