Jessica Einhorn

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Jessica Einhorn is Dean of the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, and the tirst SAIS graduate to serve as dean. She specializes in economics.

Her research interests include development of modern global capital markets.

Other affiliations

Director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the Center for Global Development and the National Bureau of Economic Research; chair of the Global Advisory Board of J.E. Robert Cos. and director of Time Warner

Prior work

Consultant in the Washington office of Clark & Weinstock; previously served as managing director, vice president and treasurer of the World Bank; former visiting fellow at the [[International Monetary Fund[[; formerly served as director of the Council on Foreign Relations, director of Pitney Bowes, and trustee of the German Marshall Fund and of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund;

Early in career, worked at the U.S. Treasury and State departments and U.S. International Development Cooperation Agency.


Ph.D., politics, Princeton University