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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Highland dancing.
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  • Belted plaid [r]: A large blanket-like piece of fabric which is wrapped around one's body which was a standard item of men's Highland attire in the 17th century. It is the precursor to the modern kilt. [e]
  • Dance [r]: A continuous and mentally organised sequence of (body) movements containing an expressive character. [e]
  • Highland games [r]: Festivals held throughout the year and in many countries of the world whose purpose is to celebrate the culture and heritage of Scotland and especially the Scottish Highlands. [e]
  • Kilt accessories [r]: The entire range of items of wearing apparel, from headgear to footwear and everything in between, typically worn with the Scottish kilt. [e]
  • Kilt [r]: A knee-length, skirtlike, traditional Scottish garment, usually worn by men as part of Highland attire. [e]
  • Skirt [r]: An outerwear garment having the general shape of a cylinder, open at both ends and tapered, then fastened about the waist of the wearer. hanging down covering and encircling both legs simultaneously. [e]