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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about GH.
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  • A (letter) [r]: The first letter of the English and Latin alphabets. [e]
  • Alphabet [r]: Writing system in which symbols - single or multiple letters, such as <a> or <ch> - represent phonemes (significant 'sounds') of a language. [e]
  • English alphabet [r]: A Latin-based alphabet consisting of 28 letters ie. 26 standard letters plus two print ligatures æ and œ. [e]
  • English spellings [r]: Lists of English words showing pronunciation, and articles about letters. [e]
  • F (letter) [r]: The sixth letter of the English alphabet. Its name is pronounced eff. [e]
  • G (letter) [r]: The seventh letter of the English alphabet. [e]
  • H (letter) [r]: The eighth letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet. [e]
  • M (letter) [r]: The thirteenth letter of the basic modern Latin alphabet. [e]
  • S (letter) [r]: The 19th letter of the English alphabet. [e]
  • Schwa [r]: Mid-central neutral vowel, typically occurring in unstressed syllables and, in some systems of phonetic transcription, a stressed mid-central vowel. [e]
  • Silent letters in English [r]: English letter or letters within a particular word, which are not heard in the pronunciation of the word, but appear in the spelling—and the opposite. [e]