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[[Image: Fufu_with_soup.jpg|thumb|Fufu with soup and read fish]]
[[Image: Fufu with soup.JPG|thumb|Fufu with soup and read fish]]
[[Image: Cassava.jpg|thumb|Cassava plant]]
[[Image: Cassava.jpg|thumb|Cassava plant]]
[[Image: Plantain.jpg|thumb|Plantains]]
[[Image: Plantain.jpg|thumb|Plantains]]
[[Image: Pounding_fufu.jpg|thumb|Pounding fufu]]
[[Image: Pounding fufu.JPG|thumb|Pounding fufu]]


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Fufu with soup and read fish
Cassava plant
Pounding fufu


Fufu is a traditional Ghanaian dish. It consists of cassava and plantain and has a sticky consistency, very similar to dumplings. Fufu is served with different kinds of soup. The soup is poured over the fufu and people eat together out of one bowl, using their fingers.


Cassava roots and plantains are peeled, and then cooked in boiling water. Both ingredients are pounded for a long time until the mass is sticky enough.


Fufu is the favourite dish of most of the Ghanaians. For the admirers of fufu all over the world, the Ghanaian food industry has created instant fufu powder.

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