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Competitors and Press

Discussion about anything regarding Citizendium's competitors and any press coverage about or affecting Citizendium

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Google search results...

I noticed something that alarmed me.

Over the years I drafted many articles on the small, non-WMF wiki Since my return to the Citizendium I have ported a couple of dozen articles originally drafted on wikialpha to the Citizendium.

Citizendium is older, larger, and frankly, a lot more serious than wikialpha. So when both wikis had an article on a topic Citizendium's were showing up first. Then, a couple of days ago, when I was away from home, on my cell phone, I used google, thinking it would find the Citizendium article I was looking for. It didn't find it, it only found the wikialpha article, which I had not kept up to date.

Just now I googled Leila Boujnane, an article I started here three months ago. Google didn't find it.

Is this a temporary glitch? A well known problem - but temporary? Did a site-wide __NOINDEX__ get accidentally instantiated? I am going to ping Pat, because this could be serious.

Cheers! George Swan (talk) 03:31, 27 August 2022 (CDT)

But Rainer Maria Rilke, started by Pat, in June? Did not show up.
Catherine Hooper, Stephanie Mack, which I started in March, showed up.
I started Steven David on April 1st. Steven David/Definition shows up. But Steven David does not.
I ported Mateo Sabog from wikialpha on April 2nd. It didn't show up, and neither did any of its subpages.
  • I know articles I had recently started WERE showing up in the google results a week or two ago. George Swan (talk) 04:01, 27 August 2022 (CDT)
  • My first draft of the Leila Boujnane article initially had a __NOINDEX__ on it, which I removed about ten minutes later, after I concluded there were enough references to support an article about her.
I'll be more careful about that. George Swan (talk) 11:31, 2 September 2022 (CDT)