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A [[physical constant]] in the [[International System of Units]] (SI) relating capacitance to area in [[classical vacuum]] with an exact value {{nowrap|''&epsilon;<sub>0</sub>''}} = {{nowrap|10<sup>7</sup>/(4πc<sub>0</sub><sup>2</sup>) F/m}}, ''c<sub>0</sub>'' being the defined value for the [[speed of light]] in [[classical vacuum]] in the SI units.
The permittivity of empty space, equal to 1 in centimeter-gram-second electrostatic units and to 107/4πc2 farads per meter or, numerically, to 8.854 × 10-12 farad per meter in International System units.

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A definition or brief description of Electric constant.

A physical constant in the International System of Units (SI) relating capacitance to area in classical vacuum with an exact value ε0 = 107/(4πc02) F/m, c0 being the defined value for the speed of light in classical vacuum in the SI units.