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January 10

Welcome, philosophers!

We've recently posted a call for participation to PHILOS-L and PHILOSOP and are happy to see all the new arrivals.

Some notes:

  • Philosophy could use some work. I started rewriting it but it's not anywhere near finished, and I would be happy to have lots of help. Many other articles need work, too. Dive in!
  • Many of the articles you see linked under "All Articles" and "Top Articles" above are not "CZ Live," i.e., they're inactive. You are strongly encouraged to scrap these and start over, or else to improve them radically (they need it). If you don't see the "Category:CZ Live" tag on an article, you can assume that no one here cares about it. (These articles were uploaded from Wikipedia, somebody then tagged them or made some very minor change, so they were not deleted in January's mass deletion of Wikipedia-sourced content. No one would care if you wanted to delete all the articles that have not been worked on here on CZ!)
  • In short, be bold.  :-)
  • Hey, you professional philosophers showing up: please send a CV and a Web link tending to show your bona fides to and ask to be made an editor. Details here at the bottom of the page. Someone will respond within a few days.
  • It so happens that we are looking for a lead editor for philosophy, tentatively to be called "Chief Area Editor," to help push things forward on several fronts in the Philosophy Workgroup.
  • Just to be clear: speaking for myself, while I have a Ph.D. in Philosophy, I do not claim to be lead editor, or an editor at all, of the Philosophy Workgroup. That's just because I'm so far away from doing anything like serious research in philosophy.

Thanks again for joining us and I hope to see your work on "Recent changes" soon!

--Larry Sanger 12:12, 10 February 2007 (CST)

I've just joined CZ and I can see there are a few gaps in the key list of philosphers - I've added half a dozen or so to the 'bio' list just, and intend to quickly fill those gaps! I propose to start with teh WP version, compare it with standard refrecne works and my own notes. Actually, it should be possible to get basic pages up very quick here - the aim then is to raise the quality, and avoid the pitfalls of WP where irrelevant materail is added making the biographies unwieldy.

Martin Cohen 12:35, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

Anyone for a bit of hurt?

I'd like to see a sort of cycle of articles about Pain as a feature of Citizendium. The philosophy aspects are crucial to an understanding, and all other general internet reference works treat it quite poorly. If anyone is interested or would know where to place it in your list of priorities, it would be appreciated. --Christo Muller (Talk) 18:17, 16 February 2007 (CST)