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Talk pages or discussion pages are wiki pages attached to articles, found at the "discussion" tab, on which contributors describe and explain their edits, or offer criticism or ask questions of other contributors' work. It is important that contributors use this page, particularly after changing the article in some way for which others might need an explanation.

There are several rules that govern how talk pages work. Perhaps the most important are found as part of our policy about Professionalism. Also:

  • Do not edit other people's comments. This includes interspersing replies into the text of a pre-existing comment. Doing so is particularly problematic the replies make it unclear who is saying what, so simply refrain from doing so at all. Add your reply after the end of the comment you're replying to. (An exception is that constables, in exercising their wiki moderator function, may sometimes find it necessary to delete problematic comments from talk pages.)
  • Refrain from using talk pages to discuss the merits of the subject of the article, when irrelevant to how the article will be written. The purpose of talk pages is not to settle general debates; in other words, talk pages are not general debate forums. Since articles must be neutral, most such debates must be fairly represented on the talk pages.
  • If you find yourself becoming frustrated, see Author Conflict Resolution below, but don't hestitate to call a constable by e-mailing

For further help with talk pages, see how to use talk pages.