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You are welcome to contribute short entries, called "stubs," or articles that are approximately 150-250 words in length. (Note: articles under 50 words may be deleted.) Stubs should be self-contained, include an excellent definition or description of the topic, and in other respects serve as a good albeit very general overview of the topic. In other words, it should be serviceable as an entry in a traditional desktop reference such as the Columbia Encyclopedia. (Note that this paragraph contains only 82 words.)

Some people believe that stubs actually encourage others to help "build the web." Certainly there are many people who are capable of writing excellent shorter articles even when they are incapable of expanding them in a credible way. We don't wish to discourage the creation of good content, and we bear in mind that we are still a very new project, and we must begin somewhere. So if you feel tempted to "turn a red link blue" with a stub, feel free--just please do a good job, even if your entry is indeed brief.