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This is a list of all proposals that have entered the proposal system, divided over the following sections:

  • Active proposals, which are being discussed;
  • Driverless proposals, which have never gained a driver or have lost its driver;
  • Finished proposals, which have been approved and work on which has started;
  • Rejected proposals, which have been discussed and rejected;
  • Discarded proposals, which are not well formed.

In each section, the newest proposals are on the top.

Active proposals

Proposal Queue Notes
Article names for wars and conflicts Ad hoc To be decided by all that comment
Disambiguation mechanics Editorial Council
Should we allow article specific subpages? Editorial Council

Driverless proposals

Proposal Queue Notes
Separate Author registration from Editor registration Driverless Inactivity
Should we remove the educational prequisites in place in order to be considered for the Constabulary? Driverless Inactivity
Simplify Core Articles Initiative Driverless Inactivity
Unified Feature-Rich Workgroup page design template Driverless Inactivity
Self-Correction Policy Driverless Inactivity
Citing CZ article by authors Driverless Inactivity
A new subpage for translations of approved articles Driverless Inactivity
Non-comprehensive fair use policy Driverless Inactivity
Internationalisation sandbox Driverless Inactivity
Naming Conventions for Biographies Driverless Inactivity
Involving authors in approvals Driverless Inactivity
Change to reversion policy Driverless Inactivity
Enable external feedback Driverless Inactivity
Pilot to allow Citizens to take credit for pages Driverless Inactivity
Article task and notification list Driverless (archive 1) Never got a driver or a proposal page
Subpages for watchknow videos Driverless (archive 1) Never got a driver or a proposal page
Need a Subpage for Topic Informants Driverless (archive 1) Never got a driver or a proposal page
Create a page for all notable genes in the human genome Driverless (archive 1) Withdrawn by former driver
Article Content Request help Driverless (archive 1) Initial driver lost interest
Standardizing the naming of biomedical articles. Driverless (archive 1) Set to become part of Health Sciences style guide; cf. CZ:Proposals/Create workgroup style guides
Redirection creation bot Driverless (archive 1)
Citizendium Mobile Driverless (archive 1)
Teaming with Young Authors Driverless (archive 1)
Should history articles be named with general terms first? Driverless (archive 1)

Finished proposals

Proposal Queue Notes
Medical Disclaimers Editorial Council Adopted as Editorial Council Resolution 0013
Create workgroup style guides Editorial Council Adopted as Editorial Council Resolution 0011
Romanization Editorial Council Adopted as Editorial Council Resolution 0010
Recipes Subpage and Accompanying Usage Policy Editorial Council Merged with How should we classify and index recipes?: The Editorial Council has adopted the Resolution and has requested Hayford Peirce to form a core group for implementation
Approval system for CZ: pages Executive Assigned for ad hoc community review as well
Label Eduzendium articles more prominently Eduzendium
Adopt the proposals system Executive Assigned for ad hoc community review as well

Rejected proposals

No proposals have yet been rejected.

Discarded proposals

Proposal Queue Notes
Should we reform our family-friendly policy? Discarded Not a specific proposal
CZ: Revert, Block, Ignore Discarded Not worked out on proposal page
Technical Consolidation Discarded Not worked out on proposal page
Capitalization of CZ namespace articles Discarded Trivial, just do it
Merge Help:Contents and CZ:Home Discarded Trivial
CZ Community pages should be revised for simplicity Discarded Too vague, not actionable

Proposals System Navigation (advanced users only)

Proposal lists (some planned pages are still blank):