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I have been with CZ for a number of years now, and have previously served as a member of the CZ:Editorial Council and as an Editorial Personnel Administrator. In my role on the EC, I was the driver for a number of proposals, including the proposal for the creation of style guides (see CZ:Chemistry style guide) to aid authors for group-specific assistance. I also started the CZ:How To page to assist authors with creating equations, tables and so on. I feel that the EC and MC should spend the bulk of their time assisting authors and editors by creating templates, guides, suggestion pages, how-to pages and short, concise help pages make things easy for new citizens, and to encourage collaborations amongst authors and editors. I disagree with changing the rules of Editorship with each new editorial council. An example of this would be the 3 manuscript/5 seminars rule in the last X years, which is simply not practical for our VERY productive retirees.

My general philosophy in life is this: It is too short to waste time arguing with those unreceptive to new ideas and too valuable to waste time holding grudges. As such, I have collaborated with many people in regards to EC motions and articles related to medications, chemistry and chemical engineering while avoiding immature squabbles and petty fights. I have worked well in the past with current council members User:Milton Beychok (who nominated me) and User:Joe Quick.

As I see it, the prime mission of the MC in coming months is to submit articles of incorporation, not-for-profit business, or non-profit business, and to solidify in-coming funding sources, which will become easier once new articles of formation are in place.

I do have the time necessary to fulfill the duties of the MC. I have worked on hundreds of articles, some of which are listed on my user page at User:David E. Volk.

David E. Volk 09:38, 16 May 2011 (CDT)