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Note: this course is over, so all articles below are now free from the "eduzendium lock-in".

This is the organizational page for the Citizendium article project for Spring 2008, Finance 3101 Section 101 at Temple University, taught by Daniel Folkinshteyn.

The assignment is to write an article on a particular topic in finance.

Proposed topics for the Citizendium article project for Finance 3101, Spring 2008, Ambler, TR

To the students: Below, you will find a list of suggested topics. Edit this page (click the edit button at the top) and add your name to the table, next to the topic you wish to work on. Make your name a link to your user page.


[[User:Daniel_Folkinshteyn|Daniel Folkinshteyn]]

makes a link to my user page, looking like this: Daniel Folkinshteyn

No more than two people per topic, and first-come first-serve. Do not add yourself to a topic that already has one person on it without first talking it over to make sure you want to work together.

Red links indicate that article does not yet exist. Blue links indicate that there is an existing page by that title. I have left them in because the existing pages are only stubs.

If you want to work on a topic not in the list below, first make sure that the article does not exist or is a stub. Then talk to the instructor to get it approved.

Note: To start a new article, please click on the red link below, so as to use the exact wording, capitalization, etc given here; this ensures that your article is given a name which matches Citizendium's standards for article names.

Topic Name of student(s)
Balance sheet Kevin Klinger
Income statement Kathleen Lacon, Christina Counsellor
Statement of cash flows Kathryn Hunsicker
Net working capital
Generally accepted accounting principles Heather Tangradi, Christine Kellett
Efficient markets hypothesis
Dividends Karen Marie Cymerman, Dan Williamson
Interest tax shield
Common stock Natalia Foydel, Rashmi Patel
Bond Patrick R. Murphy, Michael Smyth
Du Pont analysis
Cash flow from assets Rita Valentine
Capital structure
Net present value
Internal rate of return
Stock split Jignesh Patel, Arpan Patel
Sunk cost
Yield to maturity Ian McCarney
Opportunity Cost Truong Le, Lanchi Mac
Financial ratios Ankitkumar Patel
Weighted average cost of capital
Financial leverage
Bankruptcy Douglas E. Chess
Sole proprietorship Daniel Diehl
Limited liability company Marsida Bejtja, Tammy Orehek
Limited partnership Caitlin Bradeis, Derek Maitz
Effective annual rate
Default risk premium Alicia-Marie Moore
Liquidity premium
Depreciation Colin P Connolly
Book value Michael Springman
Diversification (finance) Brian Kelly, Christopher P. Kurtz
Price to earnings ratio
Agency problem Emmanuel Ameh, Dickson E. Ozobia
Return on equity
Bond ratings Abbas Shipon, Jesse Snyder