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:: The Citizen ::

Vol. 1, No. 1 -- 1 / 1 / 2008
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Happy New Year!

The Citizen is always looking for contributions! If you have any contributions, news, updates, or interesting stuff, drop in at the talk page of the current issue.

Welcome to the The Citizen--a monthly report--hosted on a CC-by-sa-3.0 Unported licensed knowledge base. You can access the news at any time from CZ:Citizen or CZ:CZ.

The Citizen is an independant publication and the opinions or content expressed within do not reflect the positions or views of the Citizendium, unless there exists content contributed by the Editor-in-Chief of the Citizendium that expressely dictates said opinion or view. Its Editor is responsible for all its content, but does not claim authorship of content written by its contributors.

We begin our first issue in 2008; Citizendium has reached almost five thousand articles, a license having been chosen (see press release here), and because more is planned as a part of the project's advancement it feels appropriate to begin the recap project now. You can access the news at any time from CZ:Citizen or CZ:CZ!

CZ:Topics in the News Events
Project Initiatives!
  • The Core Article Initiative: a massive list developed in order to shift article creation focus to developing the most popular-referenced articles
  • Eduzendium: A program created to pair graduate programs and seminars with CZ in order to create high-quality entries!
  • An article-writing "kegger" that proved extremely popular and successful! It even spawned a sister initiative, known as the The Geogra-thon!
  • The Draft of the Week and Article of the Week: both samplings of not only articles that have great beginnings but that are also well developed.
  • The Subpages initiative was created in order to provide a better organization of everything related to a particular article topic; Programming by Chris Day
Technical Initiatives
  • Exhaustive documentation initiative for both templates and extensions, to create an easy reference guide for the user base. Stop by and see some extensions you might not know we already have
  • A proposed workgroup for the technical team, to collate wiki developments into a central location

Exciting Developments!

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