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Add some links to high-profile academic blogs we might hit up for links to our call for participation.

A collection of blogs Collection of blogs 2 (I will split these up if necessary)

Specific blogs to ask:

Pharyngula Written by PZ Meyers. High-traffic biology/evolution/pop science blog. Contact address is pzmyers(at) (not asked yet).

Ars Technica High-traffic fusion news/blog site, with a strong science component. Contact address is either news(at) or, if we want to contact a science editor directly, jtimmer(at) (not asked yet).

John Hawks Anthropology Weblog High-traffic anthropology/evolution blog. Very likely to have an audience we'd like to recruit. Contact address is jhawks(at) (not asked yet).

Larry Lessig Super high-traffic blog from an expert on wikis. Contact address is a2lessig(at) (special note: on sabbatical, but he'd probably still be interested in our request) (not asked yet).

Smartmobs A reference collective blog on everything about collective intelligence, wisdom of the crowds, Web 2.0 Contact: Howard Rheingold.

Cooperation Commons Another reference blog on collective intelligence specifically focussing on cooperation theories and practices. Contact: Howard Rheingold.