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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Buddhism.
See also changes related to Buddhism, or pages that link to Buddhism or to this page or whose text contains "Buddhism".

Parent topics

  • Philosophy [r]: The study of the meaning and justification of beliefs about the most general, or universal, aspects of things. [e]
  • Religion [r]: Belief in, and systems of, worshipful dedication to a superhuman power or belief in the ultimate nature of existence. [e]


Branches of Buddhism

Other related topics

  • Ajanta Caves [r]: A series of caves in Maharashtra state, India, some used by Buddhist monks in the 2nd century BCE and others in the 5th century CE, containing important Buddhist art. [e]
  • Meditation [r]: A variety of techniques that help isolate one's thinking from external stimuli, to induce a state of rest, or a state in which spiritual issues may be contemplated [e]
  • Pali Canon [r]: the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism [e]