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''' Boötes ''' is a [[constellation]] in the northern [[sky]].
''' Boötes ''' is a constellation in the northern sky.

{{Infobox Constellation
{{Infobox Constellation
|lnam = '' Boötes ''
|lnam = Boötes  
|lgen =  Bootis
|lgen =  Bootis
|iabbr =  Boo
|iabbr =  Boo
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===Remarkable objects===
==Remarkable objects==
* [[Arcturus]], α Bootis, an orange giant, the third brightest star in the night sky
*[[Arcturus (star)|Arcturus]], α Boötis, an [[K-type star|orange giant]] and the third-brightest star in the night sky.
===History and mythology===

==History and mythology==


{{constellations iau}}
{{constellations iau}}

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Boötes is a constellation in the northern sky.

Latin name Boötes
Latin genitive Bootis
International abbreviation Boo
Number of stars 140
Symbology Herdsman

Remarkable objects

History and mythology


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