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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about B (letter).
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Parent topics

  • English alphabet [r]: A Latin-based alphabet consisting of 28 letters ie. 26 standard letters plus two print ligatures æ and œ. [e]
  • English language [r]: A West Germanic language widely spoken in the United Kingdom, its territories and dependencies, Commonwealth countries and former colonial outposts of the British Empire; has developed the status of a global language. [e]
  • Latin alphabet [r]: Most widely used alphabet, the standard script of most languages that originated in Europe, where it developed in ancient Rome before 600 BC from the Etruscan alphabet (in turn derived from the Greek alphabet). [e]
  • Latin language [r]: An Indo-European language of the Italic group which was the dominant medium of communication in western Europe for many centuries; the ancestor of today's Romance languages, such as French and Spanish. [e]


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