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The Angles Way is a long-distance footpath from Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, England to Knettishall Heath. It is 77 miles (123 km) in length.

The footpath is usually split into seven sections, suitable for linear day walks, but other divisions are possible.

1. Great Yarmouth to Fritton Lake

This section passes along the banks of Breydon Water and runs close to the Roman fort of Burgh Castle.

2. Fritton Lake to Oulton Broad

The route passes Somerleyton Hall.

3. Oulton Broad to Beccles

This section is almost entirely along the bank of the River Waveney.

4. Beccles to Bungay

5. Bungay to Harleston

6. Harleston to Diss

7. Diss to Knettishall Heath

At Great Yarmouth the Angles Way links with the Weavers Way, which passes through the Norfolk Broads on its way to Cromer. At Knettishall Heath there are links with the Peddars Way and the Hereward Way. A combination of the Angles Way, Peddars Way and Weavers Way gives a circular loop of over 220 miles (355 km) around Norfolk.