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* {{Cite journal|last=Hicks|first=Clifford B.|year=September 1955|title=Ten Buses Grow Into a Train|url=|journal=Popular Mechanics Magazine|volume=104|issue=3|pages=81-86, 256-258}}
* {{cite web|title=Pacific Southwest Railway Museum|work=The History of EMD Diesel Engines|url=http://www.sdrm.org/roster/diesel/emd/history/|accessdate=December 14, 2005}}
* {{cite book|author=Pinkepank, Jerry A.|title=The Second Diesel Spotter's Guide|publisher=Kalmbach Publishing Co.|location=[[Milwaukee, WI]]|year=1973|isbn=0-89024-026-4}}
* {{cite book|author=Schafer, Mike and Joe Welsh|authorlink=|year=2002|title=Streamliners: History of a Railroad Icon|publisher=MBI Publishing Co.|location=[[Saint Paul, MN]]|isbn=0-7603-1371-7}}
* {{cite web|title=Sherlock, Joe|work=The View Through the Windshield: The Failure of the Aerotrain|url=http://www.joesherlock.com/nwsltr24.html|accessdate=August 24, 2013}}

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A list of key readings about Aerotrain.
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