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2002 EB5 entered the Earth's atmosphere near Iceland and Jan Mayen close to midnight on March 11, 2002.

2022 EB5 was an asteroid that struck Planet Earth mere hours after it was first detected, on March 11, 2022.[1] The discovery was made by astronmer Krisztián Sárneczk of Budapest's Konkoly Observatory.

Infrasound detectors confirmed it struck over the Norwegian Sea near Jan Mayen, a small island near Iceland.[1][2]

It was estimated to be only 2-3 metres in diameter.[1] Paul Chodas, the director of the Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) told reporter that asteroids this size strike the earth more than once per year, but it is rare to detect one prior to impact.[3] This was the just the fifth asteroid to have its collision detected in advance.

According to The New York Times this detection was a good dry run for the detection of "city killer" - an asteroid as destructive as the Tunguska asteroid, whose impact is estimated to have released 1000 times as much energy as the Hiroshima bomb.[3]

Ironically the United States Senate had approved a five year renewal of funding to the centre that coordinated the detection on the same day as the detection.[4]


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