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William L. Weaver, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Integrated Science, Business and Technology
La Salle University

ISBT Box 282
1900 West Olney Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199
(215) 951-1628 (215) 951-1772 FAX
AIM/MSN/GTk: qswitch426

Contributing Editor and Member of the Editorial Board
Scientific Computing Magazine


1988 Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

B.S. with double major in Chemistry and Physics

1992 The Ohio State University

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry with concentration in Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy, Instrumentation, Data acquisition, and Data analysis

Current Interests

I am currently interested in all aspects of Information Technology. Not so much from the techie-hardware view (although that is cool), but more so from the ideal that ALL Information should be available at ALL Times from ALL Places.

As an Analytical Chemist, we are witnessing the process of Research & Development beginning to evolve along the same path as Business Management. In 2006, I have no problem finding sales figures from March 15, 1996, but have no way to find research results from an experiment performed on March 15, 2006...unless I head down to the archives room and start leafing though dusty laboratory notebooks. Accounting ledgers have been around for centuries, however structured electronic laboratory measurements are relatively new animals. We don't even know what the records should look like, let alone writing standards for efficient ways to store and recall them.

This idea is most often encapsulated in the idea of "Laboratory Informatics", a topic requiring a huge amount of interdisciplinary expertise and collaboration..... Hence my interest in wiki's.


Please call me "Bill" =]


  • Analytical Chemistry
    • Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy
    • Lasers
    • Optics
    • Digital Image Processing
  • Instrumentation & Measurement
    • Detectors, Transducers & Sensors
    • Calibration
    • Spectroscopy
    • Mass Spectrometry
    • Chromatography
    • Electrochemistry
  • Laboratory Informatics
    • Instrument Interfacing
    • Data Acquisition
    • Data Analysis
    • Databases/SQL
  • Collaborative Software Development
    • LabVIEW
    • LabWindows/CVI
    • ANSI C
    • FORTH
    • Agile Methods
    • eXtreme Programming
  • Intelligent Systems
    • Fuzzy Logic Controllers
    • Neural Networks
    • Genetic Algorithms
    • SWARM Optimization
  • Knowledge Discovery
    • Data Mining Techniques
    • Classification
    • Clustering
    • Association