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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022. , , Citizen of Australia.

Key words: Engineering Hydrology; Hydrophysics; Matter and Energy Transfer in Porous Media; Soil Physics; Soil Hydrology; Hydrology and Hydraulics; Hydrometeorological observations; Hydroforecast; Hydrometry; Theoretical Hydrology.

EMPLOYMENT: 1979 - Present: Consulting Eng., Inventor and Scientist. Melbourne - Sydney - Canberra, Australia. Dept. of Housing & Construction, Dept. of Environment, Dept. of Terr., etc. Weather-water demand models; inverse routing; weather - runoff relationship; equations of water dynamics for heterogeneous systems; new types of irrigation systems; mountain hydrology; bushfire hydrology.

1966-1978: North Research Inst. of Hydr. Eng. and Land Reclamation, Leningrad, USSR, Chief of Lab. of Hydrophysics, Senior Scientist of Lab. of Math. Modelling.

1962-1966: Federal Hydrological Institute, Leningrad, USSR, Hydrologist of Valdai Research Hydrological Lab. Exper.& theor. research of soil water phenomena; every spring headed expedition for observation and research of river runoff. 1960-1962: Sevan Hydrometeorological Observatory, Lake Sevan, Armenia, Hydrologist. Exper.& theor. research (runoff from watershed of Lake Sevan); every spring headed observation service on mountain rivers of Lake Sevan.

PUBLICATIONS: Over fifty unclassified articles, reports, communications and books, published in the USA, Canada, UK, Yugoslavia, USSR.

COLLEGE AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES: International Water Resources Association, Canberra Hydrological Society.

EDUCATION: 1974: (Equiv. to Dr.Sc.) North Research Inst. of Hydraulic Eng. & Land Reclamation, Leningrad, USSR, Senior Scientist Degree (Hydraulics & Hydrology). 1969: (Equiv. to Ph.D)*, Federal Hydrological Institute, Leningrad, USSR,Kand. of Eng. Sci. (Hydraulics & Hydrology). 1960: (Equiv. to M.S.)*, Hydrometeorological Institute, Odessa, USSR, Degree in Engineering Hydrology.

  • In accordance with assessment provided by Expert Panel in Generalist Qualif. of Committee on Overseas Prof. Qualification, Australia; Document No. B/19/981, 20 February, 1980.VN.SDC.

Dr. V.Kulik, GPO Box 863, Canberra City, ACT 2601, AUSTRALIA ph.: +61 2 62497315 (24 hours)

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