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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

Although I'm Steve Clark to everyone, I'm formally Stephen William Clark - that's what's on my birth certificate. It's not on my driving license, because I can't drive. That makes me a rara avis; I'm 50 years old and a Londoner, and that combination of inability, age and location makes me close to unique. Although I live in London I also have a house in France; this bilocality (as well as having such a common name) is the reason I use the eu TLD. I retired a month ago from a career in computing and latterly computer security. Apart from an early foray into furniture removals, I've done nothing else as paid employment for about 30 years. I have an MSc in IT Security, and a lot more time to do things such as write for Citizendium than I ever had before March 2008. I'm particularly interested in medieval timber framed buildings, comparative linguistics, the literary works of Anthony Burgess and secure computing. I'm interested more generally in science, technology and history; where two or more of those meet I'm in heaven. I didn't capitalise the last word in the last sentence because I'm an atheist. I gave up paper at the start of this millennium. That's about it really.