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Stanton McCandlish has been deeply involved in the politics, law and online culture of the Internet since 1992. He is the Communications Director/CCO for the CryptoRights Foundation. As such, he is the organization's press manager, public relations lead, publications manager, and Webmaster. He also participates in mission-critical technical projects, such as leading Project HIGHFIRE's documentation. Stanton's specialties are advocacy, media relations, information management, technology policy analysis and technical writing. McCandlish is also a freelance Web developer, with over a 16 years of XHTML, CSS and Web usability expertise, and is a competent Solaris/BSD/Linux, Mac and Windows systems and network administrator.

Stanton was among the world's first professional online activists, and came to CryptoRights after working on issue campaigns, policy and online communications at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) from 1993 to 2002, where he also ran one of the most-linked-to Web sites on the entire 'Net. He has written a variety of articles and tutorials, been quoted by most major US news publications on Internet policy issues, and is co-author of the seminal privacy and e-activism handbook Protecting Yourself Online: The Definitive Resource on Safety, Freedom, and Privacy in Cyberspace (with Robert B. Gelman, 1995). He also managed production of the updated online editions of Everybody's Guide to the Internet (by Adam Gaffin), including revision, management of multi-language translation, and online distribution.

After studying computer science, technical writing and anthropology/linguistics at the College of Santa Fé, Eastern New Mexico University, and the University of New Mexico, Stanton did technical consulting at UNM, as well as maintaining an early independent electronic bulletin board system (BBS) and operating a small press publishing operation in Albuquerque. Some of his current areas of interest include electronic privacy, unsolicited bulk e-mail (spam) issues, free expression online, preservation of fair use of intellectual property, and protection of the public's interest in the development of technical standards.

Away from the computer, he is a major student of billiards games, especially eight-ball pool (as User:SMcCandlish, he is one of the two most active Wikipedia editors on cue sports articles). Offline, he is an "A" player in the VNEA, which he joined in 1992, and is also a player member of the BCA, USAPL and APA leagues.

McCandlish earned a B.A. in anthropology from the University of New Mexico, and presently resides in Albuquerque. He has lived and worked in Washington DC, San Francisco and Toronto. He was born in Texas in 1968, and is a white male with a rational, secular outlook.