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Peter Roche is a founding partner of The London Perret Roche Group LLC, (LPR). Peter's passionate interest in collaborating with visionary leaders as they re-invent their enterprises to produce results, which often, they considered were unattainable, is what led to the foundation of the firm. Designing strategies, structures and culture to intentionally unleash the creativity, passion and intelligence of people in large enterprises is the focus of his work.

Aside from leading LPR over the last twenty years, Peter has been the visionary, designer and leader of successful innovative large-scale transformational change projects for many industry leading global corporations in the North America, Europe and Asia.

Peter is recognized as a superb executive coach and advisor, and in that role has made a significant contribution to many senior leaders, helping them cause and lead market-altering change, in the process enhance their leadership effectiveness - as evidenced by the alignment of their people, the relationship with other key stakeholders, and the scale of their results.

Peter has had a successful career as a practitioner and consultant. For seven years preceding the founding of The London Perret Roche Group LLC, he was a Board member and CEO of a subsidiary of a UK-based multinational company. Prior to that, Peter's career has included other board and senior line management positions.

Peter is a frequent speaker at international conferences, as well as a writer and advisor to academic and not-for-profit organizations. He has worked with business and government leaders in Eastern European countries supporting their transition from a planned economy to a market economy. Other affiliations include: member of the Academy of Management; an Advisory Board Member to the Academy of Management Journal Executive; a member of The American Management Association; an Executive Scholar at the Center for Human Resource Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University; and an Advisory Board Member of the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise.