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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

My sandbox

Nicholas is an undergraduate physics major, for which he's studied general mechanics, electromagnetics, optics, thermodynamics, & calculus so far. Nicholas is currently on a PhD track specializing in astro- or particle physics. The vast majority of his knowledge in physics is actually autodidactic. He is particularly knowledgeable in the fields of particle physics (QED, QFD/EW, QCD, GUT, etc.), areas of astrophysics such as degenerate matter and black holes (relativistic astrophysics), nuclear & radiation physics, atomic physics, cosmology, and other areas of high-energy physics. His knowledge is adequate in fields such as stellar & galactic astrophysics, M-theory and other TOEs (such as superstrings, twistors, etc.), thermodynamics, and classical electromagnetics. His knowledge is weaker in classical fields such as hydrodynamics (including MHD), aerodynamics, acoustics, optics, and celestial dynamics. Other than physics, Nicholas has a strong interest in and/or knowledge of linguistics (particularly historical & comparative linguistics) & etymology, metaphysics, mythology & legends, philosophy, world cultures & music, and world history (particularly ancient history). He is also an enthusiast in proto- and speculative science concepts, such as: AI, digitalism, femtotechnology, FTL transportation, gaia, Kardashev levels, memetics, nanotechnology, noospheres, parapsychology, Planck technology/Planck-scale engineering, quantum computing, quantum consciousness, spacetime engineering (including black-hole & wormhole engineering), teleportation, temponautics, transhumanism, ufology, xenobiology/exobiology/astrobiology, etc. Outside of academics, Nicholas is a huge music buff and also a science-fiction afficionado.