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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.


  • University of Utah, Ph.D in linguistics, 2014 (dissertation topic: A descriptive grammar of Kơho-Sre: a Mon-Khmer language)
  • University of Utah, M.A. (Master’s degree) in linguistics, 1994
  • University of Hawai’i at Manoa, graduate study in linguistics, 1973-1978
  • California State University at Northridge, B.A. (Bachelor’s degree) in anthropology, 1971
  • Academic training in Arabic, French, Latin, Navajo, Spanish, and Vietnamese languages


  • Earned the graduate Certificate for Revitalizing Endangered Languages and Cultures (CRELC), University of Utah, 2006
  • Fieldwork with Kơho-speakers in North Carolina, U.S.A., 1997-present (preparing a reference grammar and dictionary)
  • Dictionary training with Dr. Robert Hsu and others at the Social Sciences Linguistic Institute, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1973-1977
  • Supervisor, Phonetics Laboratory, Linguistics Department, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1974-1975
  • Field work with Kơho (a Mon-Khmer language of highland Vietnam), 1967-1968; prepared a brief grammar and conversational guide for military personnel use

Publications and presentations

  • 1968 Basic Kơho. Bao-Loc, Lam-Dong, Viet-Nam: MACV Advisory Team 38. Mimeo.
  • 1975 Minority Groups in Vietnam. Paper presented at the South East Asia Brown Bag Lunch, University of Hawaii at Manoa, March 20.
  • 1976 Matrilineal Societies in Southeast Asia: Examples from Highland Vietnam, in David J. Banks, ed., Changing Identities in Modern Southeast Asia, pp. 249-255. The Hague, Paris: Mouton Publishers.
  • 1978 An Analysis of Sre Kinship Terminology. Paper presented at the Mekong River Festival (Linguistic Society of Hawaii and the Asian Studies Program), University of Hawaii at Manoa, April 29.
  • 2000 The Future of Kơho: A Mon-Khmer Language of Viêt Nam., in Nicholas Ostler and Blair Rudes , eds. Endangered Languages and Literacy, pp. 43-46. Proceedings of the 4th Foundation for Endangered Languages Conference. Bath, England: The Foundation for Endangered Languages.
  • 2009 “Kơho Language Strategic Planning.” Paper presented to the Joint Conference on Southeast Asian Studies: Languages of Southeast Asia, University of California, Berkeley and Los Angeles, University of California at Los Angeles, January 20-February 1.
  • 2009 Kơho Language Strategic Planning.” Paper presented to the University of Utah Department of Linguistics Student Conference, Salt Lake City, April 2.
  • 2009 “Aspects of Reduplication in Kơho.” Paper presented to the 19th Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Conference, Ho Chi Minh City, May 28-29.
  • 2009 “Classifiers in Kơho.” Paper presented to the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Convention, Southeast Asian Languages Languages and Literatures session, Salt Lake City, Utah, October 8-10.