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Current Projects

The Official Box

Marielle Fields Newsome Status    last updated June 17    [edit plan here] Get your own infobox!Group Status
~ Plans ~
Short term plans
1. Work on Eye and related articles.

The remaining orders in the class Insecta:
Embiidina Hagen, 1862
Hemiptera Linnaeus, 1758
Isoptera Brullé, 1832
Mantophasmatodea Zompro, Klass, Kristensen and Adis, 2002
Phasmatodea Jacobson and Bianchi, 1902
Phthiraptera Haeckel, 1896
Strepsiptera Kirby, 1813
Thysanoptera Haliday, 1836
Zoraptera Silvestri, 1913

Longer-term plans
1. Make at least stub entries for all of the orders in the class Insecta & improve Insect
2. Work on Biology Week stuff
3. Add pictures, from own files and
4. Add articles on insect anatomy
5. Add articles on eye anatomy
~ Roles and notes ~
Roles in the system
1. Supreme Person of Awesomeness
Notes to self
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Public notes :

I can haz motto?

Biology Workweek Mock-ups

Main page

Here's the .svg, if anyone wants to work on it. I think the rest of the pencil needs shading, and maybe the amoeba needs to pop more.

PD Image
Hi! I'm an amoeba and I write Citizendium articles. So can you!
Biology Week is on!
Join us this week, September 22-28

You're invited to work on high priority articles, or simply start a new one!
It's a Workgroup Week. If an amoeba can participate, so can you!

(Are you new? This is a good day to get a Quick Start.)

Workgroup Page

If someone wants to format this better, that would be great. Also, the banner design is still a work in progress. Suggestions are very welcome. Marielle Fields Newsome 11:36, 8 June 2008 (CDT)

Hi Marielle, these look great! For uniformity, though, let's use the name "Biology Week." Also, if I had my pick, I'd put the second one on the main page, because it's fancier...not that I care that much, I really don't.
And, since I haven't said it yet--welcome! It's always nice and encouraging when a new active person shows up!--Larry Sanger 17:35, 8 June 2008 (CDT)

Workgroups are no longer used for group communications, but they still are used to group articles into fields of interest. Each article is assigned to 1 to 3 Workgroups via its Metadata page. Communications formerly occuring in a Workgroup should now take place in the Forum or in individual article Talk pages.

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Insect classification, like much of taxonomy, has been going through rather dramatic changes recently. The most complete source for up-to-date classification seems to be ITIS. As such, I've decided that the site will be my final authority on taxonomy. I notice that Wikipedia uses more recent material in their classification, but I'm hesitant to do that, mostly because taxonomy is often interdependent, and one paper does not a new order make. Marielle Fields Newsome 16:59, 4 June 2008 (CDT)