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M.Antònia Martí is professor of Linguistics at the Departement of General Linguistics at the Universitat de Barcelona since 1988. Her area of research is Computational Linguistics. She teaches at the interuniversitary PhD. Programs Cognitive Science and Language, and Linguistics and Communication. Her research focusses in Computational Semantics and Pargmatics, specifically in Word Sense Disambiguation, Coreference Resolution and Paraphrasing. She has participated in several european projects (Acquilex-I and Acquilex-II, EuroWordNet and PROEBI) and has participated in more than 20 national projects. She has been President of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN) between 1990 and 1996. Since 1998 she is the director of CLiC (Centre de Llenguatge i Computació), a research group at the Universitat de Barcelona (