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Professionally, I am a consulting economist working in the Yukon since 1989. I have an MA in economics from McGill University. I am also an amateur woodworker (see with a long history of participating in the rec.woodworking usenet newsgroup.

My web page is at and my Curriculum Vitae at

My only "real" publication is as co-author of Globalization and the North: Impacts of Trade Treaties On Canada's Northern Governments (CCPA 2004, ISBN 0-88627-383-8), but I am also the author of numerous reports done for many clients. A sampling can be obtained on my web site at

I should add that I have considerable knowledge of construction and the construction industry, especially residential building. Not only did I pay my way through university by working as a construction worker, but my family was and are involved in that industry and I wrote my Master's thesis on the construction labour market. As an economist, I have also worked for some of Canada's housing agencies (CMHC, New Brunswick Housing and Yukon Housing) and have done a large number of studies related to housing and construction.

I intend to contribute mainly to articles related to the Yukon and to woodworking, but also might make marginal contributions to economics articles. I am sure Citizendium will find people much more qualified than I am on economics. Finding woodworking authjors and editors will be harder, as most woodworkers would rather spend time in the shop making stuff rather than writing about it.