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I've always enjoyed history, and all the things that go with it; the culture of the people, the religions, how/why things changed, etc. I'm not a big fan of the militay aspect, I don't go in depth into the battles but I know what happened (who won, at what cost...those sorts of things). I'm more interested in the big picture. I have graduated high school in Canada, took 2 years of university (Arts & Sciences, U of R) and have always been a voracious reader of historical biographies, historical fiction and non-fiction and I have a special interest in English/Scottish/British monarchs, the Holocaust, and Judiasm in general. I'm also a Catholic, went to Catholic school until Grade 8, and more of academic Catholic than a practising Catholic (if that makes any sense to anyone...I like to learn about, not a big fan of living it basically). Anything else you want/need to know, just ask.