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Joshua is a PhD Linguistics student at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), where (as a GTA) he is also teaching English writing and English oral presentation skills to foreign students. He earned a BA in English from Bob Jones University in 2003, and an MA in Bible Translation (also from BJU) in 2007.

His interest in minority languages led to a 2006 trip to Cambodia, where he spent 2 months studying the Jarai language as spoken in Ratanakiri. He enjoys exploring semantics and pragmatics, particularly as they relate to liturgical texts and Bible interpretation. He is also quite interested in religion, the interplay between economics and environmental policy, and English literature.

For two years he worked as a case manager for an international adoption agency, and he continues to do part-time work for the adoption agency as an author and editor. Along with a friend, he is designing a Protestant liturgy for daily prayer.