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Join us! It's completely free and anyone can join.

You're just moments away from joining our friendly and collegial community of ambitious writers.

There are two kinds of membership available on Citizendium:

  • Citizendium Authors make up the majority of our members. Citizendium Authors have all the rights expected on any Internet wiki. They may contribute to any article, move articles, participate in discussion and vote in community referenda and elections.

    Citizendium Authors are required to:
    • Register and contribute using their real name. This is a fundamental principle of the Citizendium community.
    • Provide a valid e-mail address. The address can optionally be hidden from other users.
    • Write a short autobiography of at least 50 words.
  • Citizendium Editors are subject experts who are recognised by the community as knowledgeable in one or several areas. Citizendium Editors play a special role in our community, namely that of gentle guidance and article approval. Citizendium Editors are also Authors; in fact, the most respected Editors are those who regularly contribute in an Author capacity.

    Apart from the requirements for Author membership,Citizendium Editors are also required to:
    • Provide proof of their subject expertise. This may be in the form of either formal education or professional experience.
    • '

Which membership type should I apply for?

If in doubt, just go for Author membership. You can always apply for an Editorship later on.

Real names

Everyone on Citizendium contributes under his or her real name. This includes your given name (or a nickname; the name you use to refer to yourself) as well as your family name. On Citizendium as opposed to most other wikis, your real name and user name are one and the same.

Acceptable names: Charles Darwin, Charlie Darwin, Charles R. Darwin.

Unacceptable names: Charles D., britishguy786, me_cool_yeah.

When writing your name, use standard punctuation. There is no need, for instance, to substitute underscores and dots for spaces.

Old stuff

Authors (i.e., most people): after submitting this form, a constable will review your information and likely reply within 24 hours (often much less). When your account is set up, you'll receive an e-mail to enable you to log in at Special:Userlogin. Editor applicants: fill out this form and include two further items: a CV or resume attached (or linked), as well as some links to Web material that tends to support the claims made in the CV, such as conference proceedings, or a departmental home page. Both of these additional requirements may be fulfilled by a CV that is hosted on an official work Web page. If you lack a current CV, lists of publications or other such documents that establish your expertise may be suitable. When your editorship is approved, you'll receive an e-mail to enable you to log in at Special:Userlogin. If you're not approved as an editor, you might still be approved as an author. If there is any problem submitting your account request, email the Constabulary at Be sure to check your spam folder if you don't get a mail confirming your e-mail address!


Please provide a short description of your background and interests relevant to the project. This information is to be displayed on your public user page once your account has been created. You will be able to modify it then. Use minimal wikimarkup, if any, and avoid HTML. Please understand that we currently only accept applications in English. It may also be helpful for others to get to know you if you add here some words about existing Citizendium articles that you liked or disliked (please give the reason), or about articles you intend to start or to otherwise work on. Of course, you can add or modify this information later. The application form is configured such that there MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 50 WORDS in this biography section in order for your application to be sent to Citizendium for consideration; otherwise, we will not even know that you are applying for membership.


  • About your full name: The name on your driver's license or other identification card. First name (given name) and last name (family name). Use normal capitalization, punctuation, and spaces, e.g., John A. Doe. You may use middle names and initials if you wish. No pseudonyms: if you want to apply for a pseudonym, do not use this form. Instead, send your information to, addressed to the Chief Constable, explaining the reasons for your request. We grant pseudonyms only for very rare and exceptional reasons. *About biographies: Authors are required to provide only a statement about their personal interests and education, preferably a few hundred words, and not fewer than 50. Rough clues as to age and location might be helpful to other users but are optional. Please note: your biography must demonstrate that you possess high proficiency in English. *Are you under 18? Particularly if you are under 16, do not include any personal identifying information about yourself, such as your age, exactly where you live (a state or province might be OK), or what school you attend. But you should still give some general information about your interests and education level. You must be at least 13 years old to participate. * For further guidelines, please see User Pages.


These are additional, private notes, and will not appear on your user page. Important!! For authors and editors, these notes help constables confirm your identity. It's much better if you use a non-free (work or school) e-mail address above. You can change the address on file later. If you use a free e-mail address (e.g., gmail or yahoo), you must include some other information that helps us to confirm your identity. This could include links to credible webpages listing your (free) e-mail address, names of persons that we can look up online to aid in confirming your identity, current members you know, etc. You could even scan and upload a copy of an ID card (but we might still need to connect your ID to your e-mail address). You can also use this space to say anything, privately, to the constable who reviews your account request. For editors, also, please upload or link to a CV. An Editorial Personnel Administrator will review your submitted materials in view of your editorship application.


Signature. Checking this box commits you to three statements: (1) "I agree with, or endorse, the Citizendium Statement of Fundamental Policies"; (2) "The name I have specified under 'Your full name' is in fact my own real name; and (3) "I am at least 13 years old."