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B.S. cum laude, Astronomy, University of Washington, 1971. Member, Phi Beta Kappa (national scholastic honor society)

Editing interests

For the immediate and foreseeable future, I will be confining my work here to the articles on the constituent states of the United States, with particular emphasis on the bibliographies and internet resources.

Development Plan

1) Articles - develop each U.S. state article to about 500-750 words only.

2) Bibliography and External Links section - Each of these sections, as a start, should have around 25-30 carefully chosen, well-annotated references.

A one year program would thus require about 100-125 words per day for the articles and around 6-10 references for the other two sections.

The basic idea is to shift the focus of work away from the articles and put the effort into the Bibliography and External Links sections.

At the same time, I will be developing, as time and my ability permits, lists of high priority articles, sorted by category. The aim is to have around 15,000 such high priority articles.

"Missing" high priority articles