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My sandbox

Since 1982, I have been teaching Classical Hebrew and Koine (and some Classical) Greek, as well as courses in other ancient Near Eastern languages, in linguistics and translation, and in biblical interpretation on both graduate and undergraduate levels. In these areas I have read some papers and published.

My other main areas of study and interest are (non-prioritized): (1) philosophy (especially that of the Socratics and Josef Pieper and other Thomists); (2) the interpretation of literature (e.g., Shakespeare, novels, poetry); (3) pedagogy and educational reform; and (4) the nature, function, and use of metaphor.

I am also a (very) amateur musician (piano, recorder) and fencer (foil, epee), and enjoy reading and conversation with thoughtful readers perhaps more than anything else, and am fortunate to have friends of like mind.


  • B.S. - Philadelphia Biblical University (1975)
  • M.Div. - Biblical Theological Seminary (1978)
  • S.T.M. - Biblical Theological Seminary (1980)
  • M.A. - The Dropsie College for Hebrew & Cognate Learning (1985)
  • Ph.D. - The Annenberg Research Institute (1991)

Courses taught as a faculty member of the Philadelphia Biblical Institute:

  • Hebrew I, II
  • Psalms & Poetic Books

Personal publications:

  • Proverbs: A Bibliography, Sheffield: University of Sheffield (Oct. 2007)
  • Learning & Reading Biblical Hebrew. An Introduction, MS. Hatfield, PA: Puttenham Ltd., 2003
  • Redeemed Intimacy: The Song of Songs, Modern Reformation, Nov. 2001
  • Proverbs. The Complete Biblical Library, Old Testament Study Bible. World Library Press, 1998
  • Card-Guide to Biblical Hebrew, 1996
  • Hebrew Bible Insert: A Student's Guide to the Syntax of Biblical Hebrew, 1996
  • A Cumulative Scripture Index of Hebrew Grammar & Syntax, 1996
  • Proverbs Coram Deo 1994
  • Directory and Profile: Collection Evaluation & Development Section of the American Theological Library Association, 1986.
  • Ten Key Finds in Biblical Archaeology, 1981