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David Braze is a linguist and Senior Scientist on the Haskins Laboratories research staff. His research focuses on processes involved in the comprehension of meaning above the word level: of phrase, sentence and text. Dr. Braze’s studies explore how the cognitive bases of language comprehension (word knowledge, decoding skill, verbal memory, syntactic knowledge and so on) are related to the apprehension of complex meaning as it unfolds in time. He employs online methods, including that of monitoring eye-movements during reading, to collect moment-by-moment indicators of comprehension bottlenecks and to explore how comprehension challenges inherent to text, discourse and context interact with individual differences in the cognitive underpinnings of language comprehension. A recent focus of his research has been the question of how quality of lexical knowledge supports the ability to integrate meaning across words. Dr. Braze’s work on individual differences in language comprehension extends to both print and speech modalities and to signed languages.