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At present I am a first year University student with a wide variety of interests and a desire for writing.

As a year twelve graduate in 2007 I received a scholarship to the University of Melbourne (for study in 2008) and I was a recipient of the Australian Student Prize (awarded to the top 500 students in Australia). I graduated from Trinity Lutheran College as the College Dux and was also top of all of my individual subjects including English, English Literature, Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics, Chemistry and English.

Cosmology has always been a particular interest of mine; I have completed a semester's study in first year advanced physics with a view to become an engineer or more fantastically, a particle physicist. One of my quirkier fascinations is to read up on the eccentricities and oddities of great scientific minds.

I have always contrasted my scientific and mathematical pursuits with a heavy catalogue of literature - particularly metaphysical poetry, dystopian novels and post-modern novels. During school and in my spare time I engage in literary analysis. This has often incorporated the application of linguistic and sociological principles to the identification and unlocking of the many different academic 'meanings' held within a text. I love to hunt for transcendental truths in texts, though considered old school, and also enjoy identifying how and where the world context may have influenced the author.

Further, I have done independent reading in sociology and psychology. Group psychology within friendship groups or fixed organisations has always fascinated me, I enjoy understanding how people work within their minds, with responses to external stimuli and in conjunction with others and society.

American and Australian politics are topics which I enjoy reading up on and debating. This interest often leads into deeper readings on military, technology and economy,(and more tangentially, the Mathematics behind economic study).

Music history and modern music are also passions. I have an extensive knowledge of 1960s rock and pop music. I am an avid listener of the new Indie music as it is released.

Rugby, rugby league, cricket and American football are sports that I follow and have a thorough grasp of historically. One specific area that I have studied is the evolution of Rugby into American Football.