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(CC) Photo: Dalton Holland Baptista
Twenty cacti. You see only nineteen? Yeeeah, one is hidden...
(CC) Photo: Dalton Holland Baptista
Ferocactus latispinus is a species from Mexico that blooms very early and reaches forty centimeters in diameter.
(CC) Photo: Dalton Holland Baptista
The column of the flowers of Ornithocephalus myrticola resembles the head of a bird, therefore the name of the genus. Their tiny flowers are just like birds showing off or getting ready to fly.

I am a Brazilian Architect graduated at Universidade de São Paulo, who have been working with garden plants, and mostly orchids, which I started to grow in 76, during the last 20 years. I am an authorized taxonomist of American Orchid Society and of Orchid Conservation Coalition. I am one of the reviewers of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - World Checklist of Monocotyledons. I have published a number of articles on Selbyana, Orchids Magazine, and some other journals, but I am more interested in publishing easily available on line free articles, rather than publishing on paper. Classical music has been one of my hobbies during the last 30 years so I am able to contribute on articles about this subject too.

A list of orchid genera of Brazil I am writing some articles for now.

Hourglass drawing.svg Where Dalton lives it is approximately: 18:48

Finished articles

I am not a native English speaker therefore my grammar may seems odd sometimes. The following articles are finished but still need copy editing by native speakers. Please, feel free to do it and erase it from the list, Thanks!

To do list

  • Write Epidendroideae.
  • Fill the list of orchid genera split following systematic and not alphabetical order.
  • Detail recommendations/discussion on orchid systematics.
  • Write main drafts of orchid subfamilies, tribes and subtribes and fix the list of accepted orchid genera.
  • Enlarge the list of notable orchidologists.
  • Try some species info photo tables.
  • Help to organize Botany subgroup page
    • Better layout
    • ideas, and recommendations.
    • Botany article
  • Start Cactaceae, Agave, Pandanus, Cycads, Arecales.
  • Drafts about some other higher plant ranks.

Orchid articles finished

Orchid synonyms lemma articles

Sketches in Portuguese