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The account of this former contributor was not re-activated after the server upgrade of March 2022.

This is a PWB script which I wrote to automatically create Related Articles subpages for those articles which don't have them, based on Special:WhatLinksHere.

These automatically created pages need checking and editing by a human, and articles for which this has not been done are listed in the Category:Bot-created Related Articles subpages.

# -*- coding: utf-8	 -*-

# Copyright © 2009 Caesar Schinas.
# Released under the CC-by-nc-sa-3.0 licence (
# May be distributed and modified under the following conditions :
# (by) Attribution must be given to Caesar Schinas in all distributions and derivatives.
# (nc) Commercial use is prohibited except with prior written permission from Caesar Schinas.
# (sa) Derivative works must be released under the same licence and conditions.

This bot automatically creates "Related Articles" subpages for those articles which don't have
them, based on Special:WhatLinksHere.

The following parameters are supported:

-start            Start checking articles alphabetically from this point,
                  instead of starting from the beginning.

-always           Don't ask each time before creating a Related Articles
                  subpage; just create it anyway.

-debug            Don't actually create any Relate Articles subpages; just
                  show what would have been created.

__version__ = '$Id: 0 2009-06-30 10:23:00 caesarsgrunt $'
import wikipedia
import pagegenerators

class RelatedArticlesBot:
	# Edit summary
	msg = {
		'en': u'Robot test edit: Starting Related Articles subpage. Please check and brush. For context, see [[:Category:Bot-created Related Articles subpages|here]].',

	def __init__(self, generator, debug, always):
		Constructor. Parameters:
			* generator - The page generator that determines on which pages
						  to work on.
			* debug		- If True, doesn't do any real changes, but only shows
						  what would have been changed.
		self.generator = generator
		self.debug = debug
		self.always = always
		self.prev = None

	def run(self):
		# Set the edit summary message
		wikipedia.setAction(wikipedia.translate(wikipedia.getSite(), self.msg))
		for page in self.generator:

	def check(self, page):
		title = page.title()
		if self.prev :
			if page.title().split('/')[0] == page.title() :
				# New top level page reached, and no Related Articles subpage found for the previous one.
				# Check that there is really no Related Articles subpage...
				if wikipedia.Page(wikipedia.getSite(), self.prev.title()+'/Related_Articles').exists() == False :
					wikipedia.output(u"\03{lightred}%s has no Related Articles subpage\03{default}" % self.prev.aslink())
					if self.prev.title().endswith("(disambiguation)") :
						# The current top level page is a disambiguation page.
						wikipedia.output(u"\03{lightgreen}%s is a disambiguation page\03{default}" % page.title())
						self.prev = None
				self.prev = None
			elif page.title() == self.prev.title() + '/Related Articles' :
				# The current top level page already has a Related Articles page.
				wikipedia.output(u"\03{lightgreen}%s already exists \03{default}" % page.title())
				self.prev = None
			elif page.title().count('/') != 0 :
				# Page is a subpage, but not Related Articles
				wikipedia.output(u"%s" % page.title())
			else :
				self.prev = None
		elif page.title().count('/') != 0 :
			# Page is a subpage, but has no parent. Ignore.
			wikipedia.output(u"\n Skipping %s (standalone subpage)" % page.aslink())
		#elif wikipedia.Page(wikipedia.getSite(), 'Template:'+page.title()+'/Metadata').exists() == False :
		#	wikipedia.output(u"\n Skipping %s (page without metadata)" % page.aslink())
		#	return
		else :
			# Prev isn't set either because we've already dealt with it or because this is the first page.
			wikipedia.output(u"\n\n>>> \03{lightpurple}%s\03{default} <<<" % page.title())
			self.prev = page
	def create(self, rootpage):
		wikipedia.output(u"Looking for Related Articles...")
		related = []
		for page in rootpage.getReferences() :
			if page.namespace() == 0 :
				title = page.title().split('/')[0]
				if title == rootpage.title() :
				if not page.exists() :
				if page.isRedirectPage() :
		# If nothing links here, we obviously can't create a Related Articles subpage.
		if len(related) == 0 :
		related = "\n".join(sorted(set(related)))
		# Show the user what we're doing...
#		wikipedia.output(u"\n\n>>> \03{lightpurple}%s\03{default} <<<" % rootpage.title())
		wikipedia.output(u"Related Articles :")
		# If -debug is set, we don't need to do anything more.
		if self.debug :
		# Confirm that we should create the page (unless -always is set).
		if not self.always :
			choice = wikipedia.inputChoice(u'Do you want to create the Related Articles subpage?', ['Yes', 'No'], ['Y', 'N'], 'N')
			if not choice == 'y' :
		before = u"<noinclude>{{subpages}}</noinclude>\n\n==Parent topics==\n\n\n==Subtopics==\n\n\n==Other related topics==\n\n\n"
		intro = "<!-- Remove the section below after copying links to the other sections. -->\n==Bot-suggested topics==\nAuto-populated based on [[Special:WhatLinksHere/%s]]. Needs checking by a human.\n\n" % rootpage.title()
		after = u"\n\n{{Bot-created_related_article_subpage}}\n<!-- Remove the section above after copying links to the other sections. -->"
		related = before + intro + related + after
		# Create the Related Articles subpage.
			wikipedia.Page(wikipedia.getSite(), rootpage.title()+'/Related_Articles').put(related)
		except wikipedia.LockedPage:
			wikipedia.output(u"Page %s is locked; skipping." % page.aslink())
		except wikipedia.EditConflict:
			wikipedia.output(u'Skipping %s because of edit conflict' % (page.title()))
		except wikipedia.SpamfilterError, error:
			wikipedia.output(u'Cannot change %s because of spam blacklist entry %s' % (page.title(), error.url))

def main():
	start = '!'
	debug = False
	always = False

	# Parse command line arguments
	for arg in wikipedia.handleArgs():
		if arg.startswith("-start"):
			start = arg[7:]
		elif arg.startswith("-debug"):
			debug = True
		elif arg.startswith("-always"):
			always = True

	gen = pagegenerators.PreloadingGenerator(pagegenerators.AllpagesPageGenerator(start=start, namespace=0, includeredirects=False))
	bot = RelatedArticlesBot(gen, debug, always)

if __name__ == "__main__":