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Multi-National Force - Iraq (MNF-I) was the highest military headquarters for foreign troops in Iraq. It reports to United States Central Command. Under the new security agreement with Iraq, it has been redesignated United States Forces - Iraq, and no longer has a senior British deputy.


At present, it is commanded by a U.S. general, GEN Ray Odierno, with a British lieutenant general deputy, LTG Chris Brown. Prior to the Abu Ghraib prison disclosures and prosecution, the senior headquarters had been Multi-National Corps-Iraq (MNC-I), and one of the resulting reforms was to create a higher headquarters in Iraq, allowing the MNC-I commander to concentrate on military operations. Its first commander was GEN George Casey, now Chief of Staff of the Army.

MNC-I remains the main headquarters for combat units, but other support and Iraqi reconstruction functions, report to MNF-I.

Training and infrastructure

Multi-National Security Transition Command - Iraq

MNSTC-I, commonly called "min-sticky", is responsible for organizing, training, equipping and mentoring Iraqi Security Forces throughout the country.

Gulf Region Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

In the United States, the Corps of Engineers has responsibilities both for Army combat engineers and other direct military engineering activities such as base construction, but it also manages many large public works projects in the continental United States, such as keeping rivers navigable, flood control, etc. It has a Gulf Region Division working with the Iraqi government in equivalent civilan infrastructure construction; combat engineers remain under MNC-I.

Logistical Support Area Anaconda

LSA Anaconda is currently run by the U.S. 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary). 13 SC(E) is responsible for providing logistics support throughout the theater.


The major combat and security operations headquarters under MNF-I is Multi-National Corps-Iraq (MNC-I). It is organized around a U.S. corps headquarters, currently the forward echelon of III Corps, and located in the Baghda