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{{tlc}} is used to reference templates on Talk pages etc.
Use of it generates a link to the template, wrapped in <code>{{ }}</code> and thus looking like an invocation of the template. For a version without code tags, see {{tl}}. For a version without code tags or brackets, see {{tln}}.


The template takes two parameters : {{tlc|name|arguments}}.

  1. required — The name of the template to be linked to.
  2. optional — Any parameters which should be shown in the example call to the template. Separate multiple parameters with {{!}} rather than |.


Code Result Explanation
{{tlc|Infobox}} {{Infobox}} Using {{tlc}} with an existing template creates a link to it.
{{tlc|tlc}} {{tlc}} Using {{tlc}} on the template with the same name just shows the name.
{{tlc|Nonexistanttemplate}} {{Nonexistanttemplate}} Using {{tlc}} with a non-existing template name creates a red link with the template preload and editintro.
{{tlc|template|param1{{!}}param2{{!}}param3}} {{template|param1|param2|param3}} The second parameter takes list of parameters to be shown in the example template call, separated either by {{!}} or by &#124;.