Sarah Elizabeth Coyne

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Sarah Elizabeth Coyne is Canadian citizen, and student of Economics at the Wharton School, in Pennsylvania.[1] Both her parents were Canadian Constitutional scholars. Her mother Deborah Coyne played a key role in Canada's Meech Lake Accords. Her father was Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada who repatriated Canada's Constitution.[2]

According to a 2010 profile in the Hamilton Spectator Coyne has generally lived a quiet, private life, with the exception of publicly helping her mother run for a seat in the Parliament of Canada.[1] Coyne attended University of Toronto Schools.

The Spectator reported that Coyne had had little contact with her older half-brothers, who were the born by Margaret Trudeau.[1] The Spectator reported that seven-year-old Coyne was embraced by both former President Jimmy Carter and Cuban President Fidel Castro, at her father's funeral. The Spectator reported that she was not mentioned in the eulogy her half-brother Justin Trudeau delivered at her father's funeral.

Her mother Deborah Coyne put her name forward as a candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada in June 2012, and her half-brother Justin Trudeau put his name forward in September 2012.[3]

Coyne has a younger half-brother, Matthew, from her mother's marriage to Globe and Mail columnist Michael Valpy.[1][4]


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